NJoy and Hitachi Orgasm

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Canadian / Ontario
233 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer May 10
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Ruby ORGASMS multiple times and her face blushes every time! Great view with her legs up in the air!

jwiz1437 - Top reviewer Oct 6
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Ruby tries out her new Njoy Pure G Spot Wand in her favorite position - on her back with her legs pulled back! The Njoy is cold at first but it doesn't take Ruby long to warm it up as she pushes the large end into her pussy. She start working her G-spot and pinching her nipples getting her pussy so wet you can hear it. She adds her Hitachi to the mix and comes several times making her face, upper body and pussy flush a brighter shade of red each time! There's no doubt this women is cumming hard multiple times! A true a sex goddess!

NJoy and Hitachi Orgasm | Playing with the NJoy hitting G Spot | Hard Orgasm