Teased and denied without mercy



Austrian / Austria
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Here you get the full shot. Everything in your brain will turn around my sexy curves and my bittersweet voice, fucking with your brain a lifetime. I will trigger you. Again and again no matter what triggers yu have. I will push all those little buttons that will coerce you all drooling on your knees. No matter if its my deep blue eyes which your fear to sink into, my beautyful face which you can take your eyes off, or my sexy curved which drives you cazy and insane, or my perfect, perky tits that you cant get out of your brain anymore, or my big, jucy, round, bubbly butt that you dream about every night, or my sweet feet and soles crawling below them for your life. I got it all and it makes you crazy. This addiction will grow endlessly. You will reconize yourself drooling, paying as my paypig. Thats your only right to exist