Punch, Smothr, Scissor


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
6:28 min - May 10 - .MP4 - 887.97 MB


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Asia Perez and Olivia Rose are sitting in their sorority house talking. Asia is a new pledge and is eager to prove herself so she can join. Olivia mentions tests of strength and how they like doing rock, paper, scissors, or punch, smothr, scissor. Asia agrees and they start the game. The first two times they tie! The next Asia ends up winning with scissors and has to scissor Olivia. Olivia comments on how strong Asia's thighs are and how it was totally unexpected. Olivia bests Asia next round, having to hand over mouth smothr her. They are one for one. Next draw Olivia ends up getting rock and belly punching Asia as hard as she can, twice! She finds hurting Asia hilarious and laughs maniacally. She decides she is not done toying with Asia and changes it to best 3-5. Who will win?! Watch and find out