Stepbrother Sock Stroke


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
11:09 min - May 26 - .MP4 - 1.54 GB


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Olivia's step brother is fast aslep in bed. She decides to wake him up with her smelly white sock by shoving them in his face and laughing. He gasps for air, not sure what is exactly going on. Olivia is so tired of him being an asshole. If mom and dad even knew half of what he did he would be in so much trouble. She knows he has a thing for dirty and smelly socks. She just keeps shoving them under his nose. She loves how he struggles underneath them. She is constantly finding her socks in his room, gross and encrusted from doing who knows what with them. She then starts rubbing them all over him. She knows these socks make him super excited. She then takes off her socks and shoves them on his face, stuffing one of them in his mouth. The socks are super sweaty. Olivia makes him take off his pants and starts stroking his cock with one of them. She says if she strokes him to completion she won't tell on him. She rubs his cock with her dirty sweaty socks over and over again, while smothring him with her other hand, until he comes everywhere