Trainer Dirty Foot Worship


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
6:09 min - Jun 10 - .MP4 - 836.18 MB


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Olivia Rose is really tired after a hard workout and her trainer tries to tell her that she still owes two months of gym dues. She decides to instead make him pay. She makes her trainer get down to lick them. Making him her foot bitch. She makes him get right between her dirty, smelly, sweaty toes and lick them, smell them, and put them all over his face. He says she is paid up, but Olivia doesn't care. She is going to still make him pay. She thinks he is trying to overcompensate for his tiny cock with all those muscles. She tells him how privileged he is to be down there looking at them, worshiping them. She knows he secretly loves her feet and she catches him looking at them all the time. He pleads with her to clean them, but she tells him, "NO". Instead she wafts the stink closer to him. She continues to make him worship them until his boss walks in and catches him worshiping her sweaty, dirty toes