Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Nipple play of a young slave


Lady Karame

German / Hamburg
14:03 min - May 16 - .MP4 - 1.04 GB


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A young slave from my stable thought that he was smarter than I was. I had given him a task, which he inadequately executed due to his laziness. I thought, I'll help him to remember, what he is here for. For this I chose his nipple. The small worm starts to drool and the pre-cum runs from his dick already. Forget it bitch! You will not enjoy this, little maggot! With my heels, I push his swollen cock down and start to enjoy myself with his nipples instead. To my regret, his nipples are unfortunately so small. I take it as a challenge to get these nipples long. For that, I put two nasty nipple clamps on each nipple. He moans as I pull more and more tightly, but that does not bother me. With an evil laughter, I just twist them even more tightly and pull on the chain with great enjoyment, while I push him with my heels away on his upper body. But that isn't enough for me of course. I get some particular nasty nipple clamps. They look very small and innocent, as I sometimes do. However, they are little monsters! They bite into your flesh like a pit bull and hold on to it with an iron grip. The longer they stay, the more painful it becomes. I enjoy myself so much that I also put a little monster on his ball sack! Gorgeous, horny, absolutely delicious to watch him as he whimpers and begs. To thank me, he has to lick the ground, which he has defiled with his dick juice during the whole time that I was teasing him