Swimsuit Hottie Hits Airbag Sensual Talk

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Without warning a hot blonde in a one-piece swimsuit hits face first into a fully deployed airbag. As she recovers in a bit of pain and confusion she realizes that she has just been in a car accident and that her airbag deployed. She takes a moment to gather herself up and then starts to get a bit sensual. Sure, she is upset that she just wrecked her car on the way to the beach, but she is very thankful that she had on her seat belt and that her airbag deployed as it was supposed to. She starts to stroke both the seat beat and the airbag and talk about how it might have been for the car. The pain of the accident, but then the full release of the airbag. Almost like an intense orgasm. She talks about how she loves the way her seat belt rubs her bathing suit clad body and how the airbag is kind of sexy in a way. She continues to stroke and play with the airbag as it slowly deflates and reiterates how thankful she is that everything worked as it should have to save her from serious injury or worse. At one point she even kisses her airbag as she continues to talk sensually about the situation remarking how the deflated airbag is like a person coming down from an intense orgasm. She loves how her airbag and seat belt work and how they feel and while being in a car accident is no fun, her airbag and seat belt are. That will allow her to take the accident with a grain of salt. Included in this clip: Seat Belt Fetish, Airbag, Bathing Suit, Swimsuit, One-Piece Swimsuit, Face in Airbag, In Car, Blondes