Worship My Ass

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421 5.0
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cephelo5 - Top reviewer Feb 18
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The view/cam is a liiiitle bit too close I think *hide*, but apart from that.... grrrrreat butt play, mostly quite soft (so not hard spanking theme or something) but also some sexy harder grabs and spreads, yummy :) And I looove this sensual, soft and whispering dirty talk. Awesome!

This is the perfect spot for you, staring up at my amazing ass. You love it here, worshipping my ass is where you belong. Worship this perfect, jiggly ass. Beg for it, tell me you want it. Prove to me that you really want to worship it, get teased until you can’t stand it. Then maybe I’ll take these panties off, spread my ass and let you press your face in between these luscious cheeks. You love it so much, you’d give anything just to press your face right in there, to bury your nose against my asshole and take in a long, deep breath of my perfect ass scent while you’re surrounded by my ass cheeks on either side