Movie 33 The Russian Bride

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Wimpy henpecked husband arrives home from another day selling baby toys and supplies door to door. Once again he has sold nothing. His Russian mail order bride who expected to lead a life of leisure and luxury berates him in front of two girlfriends she had invited around for wine and chocolate. Her snooty girlfriends join in. All three women tease and make fun of him for being useless as a husband and provider. They tease him and yell he is no more an adult than the babies his bag of samples are intended for. Wimpy hubby is sooo humiliated. Yes, his wife as belittled him before but never in front of her friends.. and they are joining in too! They push him on the floor and take off all his clothes ready to wipe, powder and diaper him. When he his naked they play quoits with his exposed cock. The girls can't stop laughing. Wimpy husband is so distraught and starts to cry. He tells his wife that his mommy never treated him like she is doing right now. The three high maintenance women lock him in the spare room and continue gossiping and making humiliating remarks about him. Diapered hubby calls out from the room he has peed into his diaper. How awfully humiliating The women are disgusted at his saturated diaper. They pull it off him and take turns in spanking is exposed, bare bum. Pushed onto the floor, stripped of his diaper, his privates fully exposed to his wife and the two strangers, wimpy hubby is wiped, powdered and a new diaper put on him. Hubby complains it is getting late and his dinner is not ready. BIG MISTAKE. He is dragged into an adult size high chair, a bib tied around his neck and made to be spoon fed baby food. All three girls are getting right into this humiliation thing. They agree they should all take turns breast feeding him. The women plan on further babying poor sissy hubby by erecting a playpen Being Saturday night the women want to hit the night clubs and pick up some REAL men. They dress him in a footed sleeper and leave hubby totally devastated, embarrassed, humiliated and all alone when they walk out the door together. This classic and very popular video has been re mastered from a taped recording. It is not HD digital vid quality but awesome nonetheless