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Our big-assed, kinkster MILF Leslie stars in this impromptu feature, playing the role of a cock-starved sex addict with aplomb and subtle mastery. Viewers can immediately sense and appreciate her vulnerability even when the action begins mid-stroke. As the scene begins, Marc is already assertively inserting and extracting his full/rigid cock into her upturned pussy while verbally directing this big-butted fuck toy through each gyration and line. The hemp rope hip harness that subdues this enticing beauty's rotund ass also plays a major supporting role--providing our camera man an excellent means of gaining leverage and repeatedly slamming her creamy/round bottom half again and again. Also equally effective--though sometimes underappreciated--is the role of the black rubber butt plug, providing reliability and "fullness" to the whole scene with neither fanfare nor expectancy. And certainly, the big finish never fails to disappoint, as Leslie rolls over to "wand" herself into an orgasmic stupor--just in time to receive a thick, hot load of fresh cum all over her exposed tits, abdomen and throat