Bratty Pay my Ass Worship



Austrian / Austria
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You cant resist my hot ass. You see that bubbly, perfection and its already too late again. All you can think about are those two asscheeks getting deeper into your brain. My teasing turns that brain off and leaves you drooling and speachless. I seduce you again to pray, worship and pamper my ass. Again and again. One of those privilegs you dont want to miss anymore. My Ass makes your sad, loser life exciting again. My Ass is your reason to live and to work harder. My Ass keeps that slave soul alive. My little buttbitch that would do about everything. And ofcouse you would do anything my ass is way out of your league, untouchable for little, losers like you. You know that and you know what to do next. You will be forever my filthy, little, assworshiper. Try to say no, try to resist. hahaha