Home Wrecker Has Blackmail Sex Last Time

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The same sexy hot criminal blonde from Home Wrecker Scam Partner Blackmail Sex is all excited for the big day that is coming up. She calls her friend and starts to talk about how her fiance is sending a limo and then she is off to Vegas. She can't believe that her life of crime is almost over and how she hustled her fiance good. She reminds her friend that her fiance has no clue that she is a stripper so when they meet, she needs to say they are friends from school. She also reminds her friend that her fiance thinks her partner in crime is her brother. As she talks, she gives some upskirt shots of her white panties without giving any thought to it. She then gets to talking about how her partner in crime is still sulking and that he is mad he will not be getting pussy from her anymore. Just then, he comes into the room. She continues to talk to her friend and insult him not caring what he thinks. She gets off the phone as he is being so annoying and asks what he wants. Her partner in crime tells her he wants to have one more quickie before she leaves. She tries to refuse, but he tells her if she doesn't he will not show up for her wedding. He leverages the blackmail to his advantage and she agrees to meet him in his room as long as he doesn't try to be a home wrecker and get cum on her again like last time. He leaves and she calls her fiance. She then enters his room where he is already naked and hard. He has her lie down as she is talking to her fiance and he starts to fuck her in the spoon position. He then pulls one of her big tits out of her dress and starts doing some titty squeezing to try and distract her. It is obvious that he is trying his best to be a home wrecker so he doesn't lose his partner in crime, or his partner in bed. He then flips her on her back and tries again to rattle her as she talks to her fiance. She talks about how the stain came out of the dress she is wearing from the night he proposed, which only she knows was a cum stain from her partner in crime. He fucks her in missionary and even puts her in the folding lawn chair as she chats away. As hard as he tries to be a home wrecker, nothing seems to be working. When he hears the limo guy arrive, he makes one last move. He pulls out and cums all over her panties that are around one of her thighs and then cums on her pussy and even on her skirt. She is so angry as she told him to cum in his hand and he plays it off like it was an accident, but his snide remarks say it was him being a home wrecker. He laughs at her and leaves the room. She calmly puts her cum soaked panties on and straightens her skirt the best she can. She decides to go with it and hope her finance doesn't see the fresh cum on her dress. She has to take the chance as the limo guy is there and she has no time to clean up. She goes away hoping that her stupid partner crime failed at his last attempt to be a home wrecker. Included in this clip: Home Wrecker, Blackmail Fantasy, Spoon Position, Upskirt, Panty Fetish, Folding Lawn Chair, Missionary, Titty Squeezing, Big Tits, Cumshot, Cum on Panties, Cum on Tummy, Cum on Dress, Blondes