Digesting You - Vore

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1,038 5.0
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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Sep 4 2017
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DAMN!!! I only dabble a bit in Vore but this has got to be one of my favorite videos!! 1st off, your body is perfect! Adorable belly on a VERY attractive woman! 2ndly, the talking that you did really took this video to the next level for me! I LOVE being confined to places with no escape so hearing you taunt your victim and telling him he was "trapped" and "fucked" was an instant turn on! Seeing you shake your perfect belly and laughing at how helpless he was to escape...I wish I could give this video 10 stars! If you ever make another video like this, I will beg and borrow to purchase it fresh off the press!! AMAZING JOB!

I hold you in my bloated belly and taunt you as you digest. There will be no escape now... Only your last futile struggles before you succumb to my stomach acids. I poke you and laugh at you while my belly gurgles and churns, completely disolving my little snack