Measuring Tiny Dick

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485 5.0
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Subparlay Sep 7 2017

Wooo, as you make the terribles two's look.. prrrty trrble :-/ but i love it

SerumGreenTim - Top reviewer Nov 9 2017
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Really good, it's not too humiliating, not too despising, and you can see some tits (and HUGE ones :) ). The measuring tape allows a realistic comparison, like if you were here.

Zodiac999 - Top reviewer Mar 20
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This Alpha Goddess is amazing! She made my tiny 4 inch penis cum in less than 13 seconds!

haha Love it! 13 seconds

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Most beautiful woman i have ever seen! I would be her little dicked bitch forever

1080p: This is a custom video. I've entered you into a small penis competition at the local bar, I leave you in the room just few a few minutes for you to think about your "size", but that makes you horny and you start to jerk it when I walk back in. You couldn't hold it could you, you just had to touch yourself, at the thought of being measured. I take out the measuring tape, while talking to you about your small size, & vaping. I measure you, but have to do it twice just to make sure its really what it says it is, 4.4 inches, exactly. Wow, such a small dick, I mean even my tits are bigger than your cock size. I decide to type it in to compare your size, and the number is shocking, over 935 men out of 1000 are LARGER than you. After showing you the numbers on my laptop, I get up and tell you I'll see you at the bar later, baby dick. (This is a quick to the point SPH, measuring, some tits, and comparison to how small your are to my tits, and even my hand, includes me vaping, and a more dominant approach