Kimberly Marvel, Programmed Superstar 2

31:52 min - May 06 - .MP4 - 1.6 GB

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This is the final part of Kimberly hour-long session. A ringing phone causes Kimberly to feel buzzed. Kim is distracted when she thinks she sees a barely-dressed bodybuilder behind the camera. She lightly slaps her face whenever she has a naughty thought. Kim forgets what's happened and requests her training to start immediately. Kimberly falls into a trance whenever our trainer comes into view. Kim's vocabulary is reduced to only the h-word. Kimberly is a bit annoyed when we cause her to speak Chicken. And she's more exasperated when she thinks Mark and Pete are clucking. Pete has Kim feeling as if she is wearing a bondage ball-gag. He then places her into "invisible" bondage. Kim is knocked onto the couch by Pete's special tickle ray. As the session concludes, Kim is twice more made to fall zonk-out