Your GIANT Girlfriend


Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
6:21 min - May 08 - .MOV - 378.18 MB


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Ha ha! I know you love how big and tall I am, and how much BIGGER I am than you. So I wanted to give you a treat - I've taken a growth potion and now I can't even fit through our front door! Look at how my high heels don't fit me any more - my feet have grown and my toes are hanging over the front of my shoes. Look at my heels too, they're spreading over the shoe backs. And my bikini does not fit me at ALL any more, does it? I looks tiny! It doesn't even hide my pubic hair. Wow, but it feels so good, the potion made me feel so HORNY when I took it, and felt my pussy expanding. Wow. And look how big and round my bottom is now! What am I going to do with you? Well, I've got some sexy ideas, I bet you can't WAIT to get your hands on my new giant body