Some Weather We're Havin'--Quickie



American / U.S.A.
5:58 min - May 08 - .MP4 - 110.69 MB


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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Some Weather We're Havin'."This well-timed ode to summer begins with our very favoritest horny MILF Leslie behind the camera, as she surprises and lures her tan, hung hubby Marc to a more secluded part of the deck on one of the very warmest days of the warmest season. Of course, Marc is nude sunbathing from the clip's very start, and it isn't long at all before this curvy, talented hottie joins him in disrobing--and then dutifully dropping to her knees to put on an impressive demonstration of her oral skills. Deepthroating fans will marvel at Leslie's ability to breathe steadily while fully engorged with hard cock, and the thick, ample load of jazz ultimately produced is more than enough to fully saturate this horny little minx's considerably round mammaries. If you're a sucker for gooey, messy, happy endings, then you will find this particular conclusion especially satisfying