Mesmerize into my Blue Eyes HD



New Jersey
11:11 min - May 06 - .MP4 - 980.49 MB


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I know you are driven by my blue eyes, watch and stare into my eyes, I want to give you my eyes just for you, mesmerize deep into my bright blue eyes, I can only keep them open for so long, before I fight to close them to make natural tears, OH god! This is just such a tough task keeping my big blues open for you! Watch me tease your mind and your cock, watch me water up my blue eyes for you. Watch as my breasts pop from my tight tank top, you love those big blue eyes and my big tits! I know I have the power to keep you in my trance. Keep staring, watch my eyes dry up and watch me tear for you. I know you get such enjoyment by this, good boy you will enjoy my treat