Daddy teaches and takes Part 1

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Miss Taylor BBW

American / USA
710 5.0
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Charlie89 - Top reviewer Jul 29 2017
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I was impressed with this video the pigtails, fingerplay, dildo play overall five star video without a doubt

HardNok - Top reviewer Jul 25 2017
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Love her in her cute pigtails showing her nice ass and gives it a spank and starts playing with her tits to get her nipples hard for me-I mean DADDY to suck on. Oh yes baby gag on your daddy's cock. It's ok, you'll get better at it! Love it when you start playing with your nice pussy for me! I want to fuck my baby girl so bad! Are you creaming on my cock baby? Do you want me to cum in you? You're such a good little girl. Love this video!

maliciousjester - Top reviewer Aug 24 2017
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I chose this video because the preview showcased a playful personality. The choice of lingerie accentuated her body nicely. Her tone of voice gave life to the little girl roleplay charater. The pigtails were a cute little touch, and her eyes were captivating as she sucked on the dildo. The best part was when she lifted her legs apart and began penetrating herself. The sound of how wet her pussy was, makes you want more. She cums twice in this video, and her orgasmic moans tickle the senses.

Ive been waiting so patiently for you daddy. I found some of Mommys lingerie and decided to play dress up. Can I see your cock daddy? Will you teach me to suck it like a good little girl? Even slide it inside my tight little pussy and show me how to cream before mommy gets home