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Golden Potion Caroline Pierce Star Nine

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Star eyes Caroline as she finishes her water. She looks at her phone and tells Caroline about a last minute gold statue custom, it's a simple freeze video, I just paint you gold. Caroline says she's up for it and empties her glass. The camera pans Caroline's frozen form. Star yells cut & Caroline stretches her aching body, commenting that this freeze stuff is hard work - you don't have to worry about this stuff ever again soon, Star says. Caroline doesn't think anything of Star's cryptic comment as she grabs the brush and begins painting her gold. Star is just finishing Caroline's breasts when she becomes visibly uncomfortable, asking whether it's normal to feel a bit stiff. Star assures her that it is and continues painting. With Caroline completely gold, Star starts filming. When she says cut, Caroline unfreezes, but is still stiff. It takes effort for her to walk normally. This wasn't part of the plan . . . Star quickly suggests a few portfolio pics to keep Caroline from walking to the bathroom. Caroline struggles to put her stiff body through a few poses. Finally she can't move at all. Star moves her stiff limbs into their final pose as Caroline struggles to talk through her frozen mouth. Finally she is pure statue. Frozen solid & worth her weight in gold. Star brags about the potion she picked up on vacation & the money she's going to make off Caroline's frozen form. Includes freeze fetish, wet & messy, wet look, gold paint

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