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Neighbor's Son First Time

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Brianna Ray

American / Florida
2,946 5.0
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vinonut Aug 17 2017

Where is the cum shot? Thanks.

CJG0023 Apr 9
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Great video! The cumshot in the end is epic! He hits her right smack dab in the eye! It’s so powerful that you can hear it bounce off her face! Best part is that Brianna wasn’t even expecting it and took it to the eye like a champ and let him finish cumming all over her!!! So fucking sexy!!

My next door neighbor's son couldn't stop hinting that he wanted to be with me. We would catch each other looking when I was taking out the trash, or just doing yard work outside. I've known them for A LONG TIME and never thought anything like this would ever happen. I don't think he had ever been with a girl before, but he wouldn't talk about that. The more I would see him, the braver he got. He finally came straight out and asked me if he could have sex with me. He said he saw me online and knew I wasn't shy and that I could help him along. Finally one day I gave in. We met each other at a hotel (his family didn't know of course) and I tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Once we got all the particulars out of the way, and talked for awhile. He seemed to really settle down. He told me that it's always been his fantasy to be with a MILF, and I was truly going to be his first. Well, we got down to business ... and it ended up being a fun and awesome experience for both of us. Nothing like being fucked by younger guy, whether they are experienced or not. I KNOW he'll remember this experience forever!! I sure will
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Brianna Ray
American / Florida
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