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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD- Serving up this lean source of protein, the nut is just one of the many perks. Who says you can have a treat with your protein. This comes in the form of some very taunting words, talking down on our wittle manhood. In between licks of my lolli, I continue to berate and shame you for ever having such nerve to jerk that roach in front of me. Yep, I said it. Your dick is like the last little unsmokable piece of what was once a fat joint. The spreading helps melt the rest of that ego as I look back at you with candy in my mouth that's nearly twice the size of your dick. In fact, if this was your dick I was sucking on, you'd already be chewed. That'll never happen of course. Your wittle shrimp cock will never experience this miracle mouth. Instead, sit there with that skinny cock and jerk it until your third eye waters, as I wink mine. Nothing butt butthole winking and smiles in this one. You'll be seeing a kaleidoscope of asshole in your screen, so be sure to rock you fave pair of intergalactic 3D glasses. More booty butt naked asshole than lil bit :)   THIS CLIP ALSO GIVES YOU LOTUS BUTTHOLE FOR: ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS SPREADING - DIRTY TALK - MOANING FETISH - SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - ASS SMACKING - LOLLIPOP LICKERS - JOI - EBONY GODDESS - BOOTYHOLE WINKING - ASSHOLE - ASSHOLE - ASSHOLE - ASS SPREADING
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