Fetish Friday

Testing Out the Robo Bimbo



Canadian / Canada
5:15 min - Jun 25 - .WMV - 237.85 MB


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He's ordered a very realistic fuck doll and it has just been delivered and unwrapped. It is blonde with huge tits and wearing a tank top that shows off its hard nipples and tight body. Now to test out the functions with the remote...he turns it on, and it sits up abruptly and promptly. He fumbles to find another position- hands and knees, and the robot obeys. Then he sets voice commands and has the robot do fucking actions, and it suddenly starts moaning stiffly and bouncing as if on cock. The robot misunderstands the voice command but this is soon corrected. He has the robot lay back and masturbate and it rubs itself through its pants and moans robotically.He next has the robot move to kneeling position and say "I want your cock" and "I want your hard-on". Then he has the robot go to blowjob function and it opens its mouth and starts bobbing back and forth as if on cock. He is delighted with its everlasting energy and puts a finger in its mouth but the robot bites down hard. He is alarmed and draws back, and finds he has not set the blowjob function properly. He tentatively tries again, and this time it sucks his fingers. He's hesitant to put his cock inside though, and he considers just using this expensive robot as a decoration. He decides to study the manual thoroughly and try again later. Remastered for better colour and contrast than the gif shows