more graveyard blues jam

26 5.0

Felicity Feline

American / California
26 5.0
4:52 min - May 15 - .M4V - 260.65 MB
Onyx Wolf - Top reviewer May 21
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This is another great video of her showcasing her musical talent on the drums. Like I stated previously as a fellow musician I feel obligated to give credit when it's due, and she's a pretty sick drummer overall. Her timing is precise, and her control is great as well. I actually enjoyed this song much more than the previous one, and I love the overall vibe of this song (blues + heavy metal FTW!). I love the chemistry she has with her fellow band mates and I also love her energy during this one. The only negative thing I can really say about this vid is the lighting is too dim. Overall zip would rate this a 5/5 stars

with my band Feralicity