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Karlee Casted w/ a 10 ROPE FACIAL 1/1

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Ok, guys. Today we have Karlee coming by for an audition. This thicc spinner (didn't know that was possible) shows up to see if the adult video industry is for her. She's knocking on the door before I know it. She's wearing a cute AF dress and some flats. Note: I should of had her show off more in that skirt. I also forgot to have her keep those flats on. Next time, y'all - my bad! So, yeah. Before we know it she's in nothing but her underwear then bent over pulling off her underwear showing off that solid ass. Oh, and she has some nice nipples and areolas (nipple eraser, anyone?). Then on to the good stuff - making sure she's about it. I have her drop to her knees for a blowjob. You'd think she'd have a bit more experience (at one point she was like half an inch from nose to groin). She makes sure to use some spit and both hands. I grab her face and do some easy skullfucking before grabbing my dick for reverse cowgirl showing off that solid ass and good-looking pussy (although it isn't shaved). She fucks on both her knees and feet. Then we see that ass in doggy over the bed and manhandle her arms/hands while going at it. Thankfully we get to see her give head and see that ass at the same time before putting in her in spread eagle for missionary and the back on top for that ass again. Oh, and then I have one more go at doggy (because that ass is solid - I can't help myself). Just as the interviews start they end the same too, this time the blowjob is finished with a HUGE 10 rope facial. I'm thinking about pulling their leg and having them come back after the get up to go to the bathroom to have closeup of the aftermath and have them give two thumbs up and a big smile? What do y'all think of that idea? Any positions or questions y'all want to see in the future? Be sure to leave a comment so I can take your feedback in to account for the next video. Also, make sure to like/comment/share/follow/subscribe to help me bring you more casting videos in the future. Looking at having another casting towards the end of Q1 as I'm still a new agent and my pipeline is small and personally bootstrapping these castings! Looking forward to the next casting! TIMESTAMPS | Interview, 0:20 | Blowjob, 1:57 | Reverse cowgirl, 8:18 | Doggy, 10:25 | Blowjob, 14:42 | Missionary, 16:37 | Cowgirl, 19:48 |Doggy, 21:47 |Blowjob, 22:35 | Facial, 24:01 | The next video will have an actual thumbnail, FREE pictures from the casting, and the option to purchase scene worn items, e.g., bra, underwear, and socks! //JFX

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