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Tigger Rosey

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mike_vice Jun 10 2017

Very Kinky video!

PunkHazard May 25 2017
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Great video! Good roleplay and dirty talk. Tigger really pulls off the cute but also sexy thing! Loved the different angles, she is getting good at editing. Only wish that the dog part was longer as it only lasts about 2m. Overall really good video with lots of BJs and cumshots.

Now we need a prequel to this video where she 'plays' with the dog for the first time and discovers how fun it is! Am I right? ;)

Tigger Rosey May 25 2017

Thanks for the review punk!  I really appreciate you coming back for more ;)

dv5501 Mar 13
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Hot fantasy, only enhanced by all the sexy dirty talk and a fantastic facial finale!

Glad the dog got to come back at the end to be finished off along with the boys; he definitely wasn't done yet when you got caught! :D

Maybe a sequel in which the brother and friends make you suck and fuck the dog to completion while they watch...? ;)

thank you!  perhaps ;) !!

yourboy Dec 2
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This one I keep coming back to. It's just so good! Loved her acting when she got "caught"!

thanks your boy!! <3

Batsose Nov 15
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She is so sexy. Great role-playing idea and she pulls it off.

Thank you!! <3 ^~^

mike_vice Jun 10 2017
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Loved the video. Liked how Rosey used fake cum to simulate the facials ;)

Tigger Rosey Jun 10 2017

Thanks Mike :)

My brother blackmailed me. He caught me sucking and fucking the dog... That little creep shouldn't be lurking and looking through the crack of my door. But.. what can you do? Hes threatening to tell our parents!! I can't let mom and dad know that i sucked the dog... He said if i blow him and his friends he will let it slide... they make me blow the dog too. Then they all give me a facial. blowbang , brother sister, blackmail, facials
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