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Hand Over Mouth - Oakman & Star Nine HD

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Oakman is touring an open house with real estate agent Star Nine. Her blue eyes widen as he grabs her biceps and handgags her mouth. He does HOM domination and explains that there's money hidden in the house and they're going to find it. She doesn't want to help and he starts nose squeezing and hand smooshing. The whites of her eyes are showing and he does a game of breath games to convince her. Dragging her to the bedroom, he throws her on the bed already wrist bound. He's mouthpacking her, but her kicking legs cause him to do more of the breath control games to weaken her so he can shove it in, but cleave gags instead. Fast forward and she's stripped down to bra and panties. When he's snooping for loot, she makes a run for it, only to be caught. A pillowcase hood is pulled tightly around her delicate neck as he's hand gagging. He throws her over his shoulder in a lift and carry and walks out the house! Includes hand over mouth, breath play, damsel in distress, male domination, gagged women KEYWORDS - arm holds breath control nose pinching rope bondage rope DID cleavegagged women cleave gagged woman crossed eyes crossing blouse fetish submissive sluts struggling bra & panties kink roleplaying tall woman tall women blondes Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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