Entitled white office bitch gets her's


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
26:21 min - May 24 - .M4V - 967.39 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I’ve just acquired a company to add to My portfolio and I’ve been suspecting that My new assistant Erica has been slacking on the job. Clearly she was raised by her daddy to be an entitled little twit, but today she has the nerve to show up late WITHOUT My reports and it’s the last fucking straw. These stupid white bitches think they can just say “sorry” and everything becomes hunky dory a ok? THINK AGAIN. Boss Lucy is going to teach this ungrateful little sissy slut a lesson in what it means to work for a Chinese-owned company. Unfortunately, My words don’t seem to be getting through to little miss cum for brains, so I have not choice but to take matters into My own hands and demonstrate why us Chinese are taking you pathetic lazy pale faces for everything you’ve got. Captured in crystal clear HD, this is the day Erica learns the meaning of WORK according to her superior Chinese Boss. Incorporating spanking, heavy paddling, throat fucking, oral and anal strap on, spitting, race play, and verbal humiliation...guess who’s erica’s daddy now