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My wayward ward the aptly named Welsh Rebel was in trouble at school again and I had received a letter from the Head Master detailing her exploits, not much different from what I got up to at school to be honest but in these days of Political Correctness a girl can’t do nothing , anyhow I suppose I better have words and punish her so I bent her over on my bed and gave her a real good spanking which made her bottom glow red before I had a good look at her juicy pussy and took off her panties. Next I took off her shirt and she lay back and fingered her pussy while she told me about her activities behind the bike sheds before I Introduced her to my Big Black Rabbit vibrator which she enjoyed immensely, I took off my clothes and thrust the vibe hard and deep into her tight little cunt. Rebel really enjoyed my Rabbit and bet over so I could fuck her doggy with it until she reached a climax, next I asked her to suck my nipples and take off my knickers before I lay back on the bed and let her finger and spread my wet and willing pussy, she finger fucked me until I reached a climax. Time for Rebel to give me a real good fucking with my strap on facial gag dildo, I strapped it on her head nice and tight then lay back while she gave me a good fucking then I bent over so she could finish me off doggy style and I soon reached Orgasm. Auntie Trisha xxx