Confronation turns catfight pt.1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:22 min - May 29 - .MP4 - 433.08 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Savannah has heard that her "Friend" Bodybuilder Brandie Mae has been talking trash about her behind her back. She invites Brandie to her house to confront her. When Savannah calls Brandie out, Brandie admits it. She tells Savannah she's good for nothing besides shaking her ass and taking dick. Does Savannah even have muscle? Brandie Flexes a huge bicep demonstrating how much more muscular she is then Savannah. Not about to let anyone insult her like that Savannah pushes the bodybuilder. Brandie shoves back, hard! Savannah is a champion wrestler though and she not about to back down from a fight! Savannah shoves Brandi again and this time yanks her hair! It's on! The girls square off, pulling on each others hair before breaking away. Each girl sizes each other up. Brandie has her huge muscles and short center of gravity on her side. Savannah has speed and flexibility. Each girl is an experienced fighter. Savannah rushes Brandie and gets her in a tight c hoke. Brandie struggles for a minute before reaching back and yanking Savannah's hair to return Savannah with a c hoke of her own! Brandie flexes her huge muscles crushing Savannah's throat Savannah coughs and struggles before breaking free. She knows the only chance she has to beat Brandie is if she takes her to the ground. Savannah's wrestling moves will help her win this fight. Especially her scissor-holds. She pulls Brandie down into a combo side scissor and cho ke-hold. She squeezes Brandie between her thick powerful thighs. Brandie plays dirty and grabs Savannah's breasts. Brandie squeezes them, But it makes Savannah furious! She rips of Brandies top and twists her big nipples. The girls roll around on the mats each using their powerful legs and butt. Savannah rushes Brandie and delivers some crushing knees and belly punches, Brandie pounds right back. Putting her big biceps to work. The girls are neck and neck, who will come out the victor? Cont. in pt.2