Brandie mae is made to pay pt.2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:40 min - May 31 - .MP4 - 447.37 MB


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In this suspenseful conclusion to Brandie Mae's cat fight, Savannah has had enough of Brandies trash talking mouth. The girls pull each others hair, before Savannah gets Brandie in a c hokehold. In an attempt to distract Savannah, Brandie reaches back and unties her bikini bottom! Furious Savannah throws her to the floor, saying what a fucking pervert Brandie is, and how dare she take her bottoms off! Savannah wraps her thick thighs around Brandie and crushes her with a body scissor. Savannah is going to make Brandie pay! She thinks she's so tough with all her big muscles, she's about to find out bigger isn't always better. Savannah tells Brandie if she wants her panties so bad she can have them to ch oke on! Savannah wraps the bikini around Brandie mouth and throat c hoking her out.Brandie gasps for air and almost ! Weakened, Brandie admits that she may have under estimated Savannah. Brandie delivers a low blow and slaps Savannah on her pussy! Savannah gets her revenge by twisting Brandies giant nipples! Brandie cries out in pain, but evens the playing field by grabbing and wrenching on Savannah's breasts. If Brandie wants to fight dirty then that's what she'll get! Savannah yanks Brandies bottoms out of the way and slaps her bare pussy! Seeing Brandies huge, engorged clit she decides to pull and yank on it. Brandie screams out not to, its so sensitive! But Savannah doesn't care she just twists and pulls Brandies giant clit. Brandie admits its her weak spot. Savannah then pins her to the floor and slaps her pussy, making Brandie c hoke on all that trash she talked earlier. Savannah demands that Brandie apologize to her, but Brandie refuses so Savannah has to remind her who she's dealing with, She sits on Brandies face, not letting the body builder breathe. She even grabs Brandie's arms so that she can't tap out! She should have said sorry when she had then chance and now Savannah is going to make Brandie her bitch. She pulls on Brandies nipples and spanks her ass! The bodybuilder quickly retracts and says sorry, but its to late! Savannah yanks off Brandies thong and exposes her huge clit, now knowing its her weakness, Savannah is going to beat it up! She sits on brandies face to muffle her screams and begins rubbing and slapping her big clit. This will be better then any apology that Brandie can give! She slaps, tugs and beats up her pussy until Brandie begs for mercy! Savannah slaps Brandies face and tells her shes lucky that she is cute, otherwise she would never stop