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Melanie Hicks - Bully 2- Anal Confession

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Confession- I walk into the bedroom that Melanie is staying in, and she is completely naked lying on the bed. I love that she is following the rules, which are: You have to be naked at all times. It’s a pretty simple yet important rule. She tells me that she has a confession to make, and I’m all ears. She confesses that she goes on dates with men and she fucks with them. I confessed something back to her: I already knew that! That’s the reason why I’ve been bullying her step-son in the first place! I do tell her that I will stop bullying him if she lets me fuck her right now though. She moves over towards me on the bed and she starts to suck my cock Then she lies down on the bed and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position at first. I take my cock out of her pussy and I slide it deep in her ass hole. I take my cock out and I go back and forth between her pussy and her ass. Then I flip her over into the doggystyle position and I continue to fuck both of her holes back and forth, in no particular order. Luke’s mom is such a slut and I love it! I tell her to hop on top of me next and I watch her ride my cock with her pussy followed by her ass hole.

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