Mistress Lucy toys with Her Aquatic Gimp


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
15:21 min - Jun 03 - .MP4 - 915.26 MB


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We all crave security in our lives, and what can be more secure than being kept locked in chastity, inside the safety of My jacuzzi? Join Me as I check on My hot tub gimp and examine his shriveled, prune-like member that’s been kept under My strict lock and key for the past month. With his face enveloped by a skin-tight latex breath-control mask, I control his every breath just as I control the timing and intensity of his next orgasm--that is, if I decide to grant him one! Trampling and pumping his neglected member to amuse Myself, watch as I bounce his bits underwater, toying with his desire for attention and release. Will today be the day My hot tub chastity gimp finally gets to climax