stepmom loves to jerk and carry


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
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The beautiful muscle bound Brandie Mae calls Junior into the room. She wants to make sure his father has left. After all he cant know the kind of dirty secrets that go on between his second wife and son. Brandie has this deep urge she can not quell. As soon as her husband leaves its her turn to have her way with Junior any way she sees fit. Today she wants him to strip naked and indulge in her fetish of picking him up and carrying him around. She picks him up in a fireman's carry and begins deep squatting him. She really gets into demonstrating her superior strength. As she effortlessly carries him around, her flimsy dress reveals her large breasts. Her aroused nipples poke out as she orders him to jump onto her back and wrap his legs around her. She loves the feeling of carrying her stepson around, especially since she was never able to have her own . She's having so much fun with him. She sits down and cradles him into her lap. He can't believe at how strong she is to be able to carry him around. She flexes and shows off her rock solid muscles. Her massive pecs and breasts flex and show off. She pulls out her titties and begins to rub them against his body. She starts caressing his cock before picking him up in a front cradle. She shows off her strong legs and endurance before putting him in her lap to feel her biceps and how well built she is. Her muscles are far superior to his and he deserves to be treated like her little bitch. So much that she orders him to start sucking his thumb. She begins slapping her huge boobies against his cock. He starts to get a hard on even though he knows its wrong. This is his step mom, he shouldn't feel this way. She takes his hard cock and wraps it up in her bicep and starts flexing. It turns him on even more and his dick gets rock hard against her rippling muscles.......................................Brandie Mae is your controlling stepmom, who has a fetish she likes to indulge in when your dad leaves for work. She's never been able to have of her own and it makes her feel better to pick you up and carry you around. But she has other deep urges that you wish you could refuse, but she is so strong and powerful you don't dare say no. When she starts to touch your cock you cant help but start to get hard. You know this isn't right but it feels so good. She picks you up in a front cradle letting her massive breasts rub up against cock making you super hard. You admire her strong muscular ass and huge powerful thighs. She orders you to slide your dick in between her rock solid legs. She flexes and squeezes your cock with her formidable butt and thighs. You have such a strong mommy. She slaps your hard cock against her rock hard muscles showing you how solid she is. She wraps her bicep around your hard cock and flexes it. Her big veins start to bulge as she gets turned on by your hard cock. She cant help but start to jerk on it. She has a big strong grip and you feel yourself wanting to cum for her even though your Dad would be horrified. She flexes and your cock starts to drip precum your so excited. She pulls and tugs on your cock getting you closer and closer. She slides it on her epic pecs and breasts. She orders you to cum for her and show her just how much you appreciate her. She nestles your dick right between her enormous titties and finally you can't take it anymore and explode all over her chest. She squeals with delight as you dump a huge hott load on her. She milks every last drop of your cum out with her strong hands, then orders you out its been awhile and your dad might be home any minute