quot;Autumn Gram Soaks The Camera"


Autumn Gram

Serbian / Southern California
7:37 min - Jun 04 - .MOV - 338.84 MB


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I was feeling super horny and need some relief and I thought it would be fun to film it, camera makes me horny! Watch me lube up my pussy, rub it, slap it, finger myself until I am about to cum, then I go for the wand! My friend had never seen me squirt before he gets a little to close and launch a squirt all over the camera!!! I came super hard and was awesome fun and my cum was tasty, I should know I licked off my fingers! He was pissed about me cumming all over his camera so I had to suck his cock to make it all better! He squirted too all over my face lol! Maybe we should have filmed that