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My Little Sister's BFF Can't Be Into Me

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
85,847 5.0
17:43 min - Jun 04 - .MP4 - 1.45 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Mazinga Oct 28 2017

lol good video, very sexy girl

MAY and NYCK Jul 8 2017

;)lol good video(Y))

Supernerd47 Jun 6 2017

Do you have a pink wig cause you have the exact same body type as Serah from Final Fantasy XIII

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jun 4 2017
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So cute, So innocent, So lewd. This was a well done A-Tier by Lana. I love how she mad something so professional look so amateur. That look she gives you each time was just amazing. I just could not stop looking at her. A very good continuation form one of her previous videos. Oh and despite all the problems you had to make this Lana, it is still really good. Great work :3

Souleater20 Jul 15 2017
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this one is a good add on to the first one that lana did

RottenPines Jul 29 2017
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This was really cute as well as sexy. This shy, submissive Kuroneko was interesting and the dirty talk was incredible. Lana Rain works incredibly hard on all of her videos, and I haven't bought one that I did not love.

A-Tier][1080p][60FPS][Cosplay][Role Play][Plot] Just when you thought you had enough moral dilemmas to be concerned with after you spied on your little sister masturbating about you, her best friend has something really important to tell you... or rather, show you ||||||||||||||||||||| Jeez this was crazy to edit and make. I had to re-do a scene at first and then I ended up re-doing the whole thing from scratch the next day because I wasn't happy with the results and I came up with a cool small concept to add in. I also had to spend about 7 hours cleaning up the audio because even with my windows shut the sounds from some construction or w/e outside kept being picked up >.< Also I couldn't find a camera overlay I was happy with anywhere online so I had to custom make my own (for my Kirino one). I hope the results are good enough for you guys! Thanks for fapping