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Ariel X Wrestles Blond Muscle Barbie

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Today we give you a special holiday bonus update. This match is outside of the scope of our regular matches. The rules are a bit different, this is a submissions sex fight. The wreslter who gets the most submissions after 3 wrestling rounds wins the match. Ariel X has grown tired of kicking everyones ass on Evolved so she has recruited her Aussi friend, Muscle Barbie to do a match. Ariel has searched the whole world for a worthy opponent and she has found this real life amazon. Muscle Barbie is a tall, blonde, muscular goddess. She does not have wrestling experience but she is strong and powerful and she believes she can beat Ariel. Ariel trains several hours a week. She knows she will win but she loves muscular women so much, she's willing to entertain the match and have some sexual fun with her toy before she takes her prize. The Barbie does prove to be very strong and gets Ariel in trouble. Don't count her out. Maybe Ariel has gotten too cocky and underestimated her opponent? The winner strap on fucks the loser and belly punches her while the huge strap on cock penetrates her. Loser is lift and carries and put into the slave position to await the winner for more fucking

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