Fetish Friday

Lucy's blackmail revenge: PART I


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
16:19 min - Jul 07 - .MP4 - 1.02 GB


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I’m stretching My sexy body when I notice the creepy security guard spying on Me doing the splits in My skin tight spandex leggings. Naturally, I blackmail his lecherous ass and take revenge on behalf of all of the Women of the building for spying us. I trample his ass to the ground, stomping and jumping on him with My entire weight until he’s flattened in submission. I spit in his mouth and make the disgusting pig take it. This is just the beginning of this loser’s punishment and boy doesn’t he know it... I’m literally walking all over this guy, teasing and tormenting him with My perfectly round derriere in My tight yoga pants. I whip out this tiny pathetic cock and humiliate him over and over, controlling his every breath with My beautiful booty. Grinding mercilessly on his ugly mug until his nose is crooked and his face is even more disfigured than it was to begin with, I laugh and taunt the little bitch, giving him exactly what he THOUGHT he wanted. Making him grovel as I make him to beg for his job and My forgiveness, I exert My control over his employment, his face, and even his breath as I make his face into a personal seat cushion for my sweaty smelly ass and pussy--grinding him into the ground. I think the oxygen depravation is getting to him ‘cause now the loser is thanking Me for punishing his lowly ass.Red Faced and degraded, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to earn My forgiveness