Fetish Friday

Caught in My web: PART II


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
11:28 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 729.66 MB


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You knew that I was a NCAA athlete right? So, guess what? I’m gonna dribble this weak dick like a basketball! Strapped and stretched, there’s nothing more satisfying than using My black leather crop with deadly precision, punishing every square inch of your worthless dick simply for My amusement and entertainment. So good for stress relief! Your soft cock, your sensitive inner thighs, your pale genital area: they’re nothing more than a target for My natural aggression so really--you should be grateful that I’m even taking the time to beat your pathetic meat and give it some color. Your pain is My pleasure, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy suffering for your superior Asian Mistress. I smack My bitch up just because I can, so feast your eyes on what tough love really looks like. You’re welcome