Caught in My web: PART I


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
15:30 min - Jun 13 - .MP4 - 986.52 MB


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Don’t you ever wonder why men have nipples? Well here’s the answer: they’re there for Me to torment, of course! I love making them swollen with agony, puffing out from their chests like male birds trying to attract a mate. Just asking to be beaten, caned, and smacked, the only thing I enjoy more than using those nipples as My control panel is cropping that third nipple down below that you call a dick (which will be featured in part II)! Donning skin tight couture latex and leather gloves, feast your eyes on My flawless figure as I amuse Myself by inflicting pain on a willing member the weaker sex. Featuring nipple pumping, nipple caning, vampire gloves and merciless scratching, you’ll be captivated by the deviant giggles that escape from the glossy lips of this Black Widow as I make My bound and helpless slave moan and in agony and ecstasy