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Real Financial Humiliation 6

422 Views · jan 31, 2023
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I'm back with Real Financial Humiliation 6! I'm going to tell you exactly how much money I made in 2022. Are you ready for my big yearly earnings reveal? Ready to find out just how much I made off of all of you? First, how much do *you* think I made last year? How much more do you think I earned than you did? Take a guess right now. And then press play. You're about to find out the answer. The numbers I'm going to share with you might make you feel emasculated, totally humiliated when you compare your pay stubs to my outrageous earnings, especially with the task I'm going to give you. But that's a good thing. Every year I get richer and more powerful. My ego grows and my wallet swells. And what happens to you? You get weaker and more addicted. You serve. I profit. It's the natural order.

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