Dakota Vixin Fuck Workout ALT. CAMERA


Steve Awesome

American / Texas
45:13 min - Jun 22 - .MP4 - 1.94 GB


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Click here -- STEVEAWESOME.manyvids.com -- then click the pink GET MY 120+ VIDEOS button to get access to my ENTIRE porn stash for ONE FULL YEAR for just $39.99! Now, about this video: Exclusive to my members like my alternte camera shoot with Natalie Nixon, this shoot with Dakota Vixen used two sets of cameras at slightly different angles. This shot was done with a Canon Vixia HF20 using a wide-angle lens. You end up with a much wider picture than my other video, although they're both equally awesome. This video is also presented completely UNCUT so all set-ups and pre-shoot banter is include in this full documentation of the porn shoot. Need the description for the video? Here it is again: Tattooed goddess Dakota Vixin got off early from work so she could attend my free training sessions at my home gym. I promised to teach Dakota my "extra special" exercises that work out multiple muscle groups. I asked her if she was opened minded in general and she replied positively. Good to know! I assured hardbody tatted cutie Dakota that she'd be able to use my enhanced muscle training lessons to stay fit and toned without having to work out as hard as anyone else. Thinking this was the best training session ever, she didn't bat an eye when I asked to remove her workout clothes -- and then removed mine as well. LOLZ. Talk about open minded! I was so enthused (and swollen) after licking Dakota's pussy as I watched her legs shudder to orgasm that I decided to focus on fucking her as goddamn hard as possible. You've gotta do that in order to exercise those special muscles that you normally miss during a regular workouts. As I slid my rock hard cock into her super tight slit, she then suddenly realized that this was going to be a lot more than just a workout. #YASSS! I manage to work out Dakota's hand muscles, mouth muscles and -- bonus -- all the pretty vaginal muscles. Triceps and biceps also got shredded during our multiple doggy style positions and her tight glutes got some time in during our cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking. I furiously slammed my dick into her slippery smooth shaved pussy to get my time in at the gym as well. Eventually I finished on Dakota's face with a huge load of my special scientifically enhanced training juice and then wished her well. Great girl