Freebie Tuesday

Yuno Greedily Makes You Cum For Her

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
76,925 5.0
12:30 min - Jun 18 - .MP4 - 952.02 MB


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Youre so pretty

;)lol good video(Y))

You can do that to me. I want to do the same to that sex toy while you wear it.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jun 18
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What happens when you let a crazy girl near your cock? You get this. Lana really portrays a yandere so well in this video. That face she gives along with those dialogues and laughs. This is a yandere JOI video right here. I swear Lana would drain me until I can no longer move in this situation. But it wouldn't be bad if all I have to think about is her. Lana. I would be yours forever. Enjoy this video everyone, and be with Lana forever

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She's a crazy cum hungry slut that wants to drain every last drop of cum from your cocks.
This video is intense as you follow her lead and cum many times for her,
Also love the contacts she has on

cubey95 Jun 29
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Fantastic video - loved it! Thanks!!

Colezone Nov 15
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love the dirty talk and lana tits look so great with all that pink.

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Amazing quality and concept, love it ❤❤❤

sunny_793 - Top reviewer Jul 17
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Love the Dirty Talk. Great Video!

Speziald198730 deleted Jul 15
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Really loved it :) You´re dirty talk was amazing there... Need more of this :)

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This is an amazing video I can't believe the load I blew.

Mjc5436 Jun 25
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I just what to know where did you get those contacts I was hypnotized

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A fitting sequel for this yandere fapfest.

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Worth Every F&%(ing Cent ! - Highly Addictive !

B-Tier][FullHD][60FPS][No Plot] Yuno has you in her clutches (pun definitely intended) yet again, and this time she's not letting go until you're completely drained. |||||||||||||||||| Like my most recent video, the Kuroneko A-Tier vid, this video has the most vocalized dirty talk out of all my videos. I'd say this one actually has more. I recommend my A-Tier of Yuno Gasai that I did a very long time ago in the 6th month of my activity here on ManyVids if you're looking for more like this