Daddys lil squirter

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Miss Taylor BBW

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554 5.0
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Ur so freaking sexy! If I was there I woulda ate all ur cum

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Absolutely amazing video. I was as hard as a towel rack.

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Daddy hasn't been here for a few weeks now. This business trip is taking way longer than I expected and my tight lil pussy is starting to feel neglected. If I'm feeling like this I can only imagine how Daddy's cock feels. I decide to surprise him! Daddy always likes how wet I get but I learned a new trick. It makes my pussy tingle and it gets really wet and messy. I've been practicing so much! I squirt and gush so much in this video! Tags: gushing, bbw, squirting, big tits, ddlg, big thighs, role play, belly, wet, creamy, taboo