Wake up next to LUCOA and use her body

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56,605 5.0
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alley47 Sep 2

If I could be so lucky with you.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Jun 29 2017
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So incredibly hot. For you Lucoa fans out there definitely grab this one. Definitely worth it XD

aavila316 deleted Jun 20 2017
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If i could give more stars to Hidori i would, she is incredible and seeing her as Lucoa just makes it better.

Hidori Jun 20 2017

Woohoo , thanks for taking the time to write a first review for this one! ❤️

NinDKS0S Jan 22
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You are probably the best Lucoa cosplayer I have seen and this video was very satisfying to watch. The work you pump out is consistently sexy and amazing and I love it all.

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Great Lucoa cosplay and amazing video!

Chookamablehbleh Jul 16 2017
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Insanely great video by Hidori here. She is perfect for Lucoa, and who doesn't want to see some Lucoa cosplay? You will not regret this purchase.

You made a special ritual last night hoping to summon one of the Dragon Goddesses. You didn't really believe much in a result but hey it's morning and guess who's next to you watching over you and patiently waiting for you to wake up? It's LUCOA herself, the Agitator of Lust, the big tittied Goddess and she's ready and hungry for your cock. You don't waste any time and start touching her voluptuous body everywhere before taking her by the horns and face fucking her. Licking pussy, doggy style and titty fuck before you give her a creamy cumshot all over her face and tits