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Convinced by her daddy that she was learning her skills so so quickly and so well, she agreed that her Daddy test her. He contacted a man of whom he is a friend and asked her to perform with her body for him. She was reluctant at first but to ease her into it, he made her feel at ease by in the same room with her and his friend looking through the camera. She is so shy, her daddy is sitting in the chair and she has to perform for both him and a friend! She glances at her daddy when she is nervous so she dosent have to look at the strange man jacking off. She bends over so you can see her perfect round ass, spanking it with a hair brush until it is to painful, before sucking on a dildo, while rubbing herself through her wet underwear. An image appeared in her mind of her daddy and his friend both fucking her for real. The thought made her so wet that she didn't care about her audience, she just needed to cum. She imagined her Daddy was pinning her down, and fucking her while his friend held her down and groped her tits. The thought makes her explode and she squirts right into her panties, saturating them with her sweet scent
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