Diapered Nightlife Kymberly Jane Star 9

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Star Nine

American / California
322 5.0
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So cute to see Star gradually more and more humiliated!

Star Nine flirts with you at the bar. She's confident, she knows she's hot, and she knows you want to buy her a shot. Kymberly Jane interrupts your conversation, coming up to her and groping her ass. The friend mentions something about checking to see if she needs a changing. Star pretends she doesn't know what Kym is talking about & tries to resume the conversation. Kym lifts Star's shirt up revealing a white waistband - Star insists that they are just panties & tries to play it off sexy, talking about how if you're lucky you might be able to see more of her underwear later. Kym is having none of it - she removes a pacifier from her purse and shoves it in Star's mouth, telling her that if she doesn't submit to a diaper check she'll be spanked in front of everyone. Star looks on horrified as Kym pulls her pants down and shows you her full, wet, diaper. Kym puts on a show of covering her wet diaper with pink plastic pants and squirting baby powder down it before pulling Star's pants back up and leaving you to your chat. Star removes the pacifier from her mouth and tries to salvage the evening, weakly asking if you still want to buy her a beverage. Includes diapers, adult diapers, humiliation