Freebie Tuesday

Rose's Revenge


Lux Lives XXX

American / Las Vegas, NV
13:20 min - Jun 22 - .MP4 - 644.03 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Lux's lessons to Rose with feet tickling and a fucking machine seemed to have worked and made Rose better behaved. Until Rose lures Lux into a trap! Scarlet Raven, Miss Jane Colburn, and Candie Cane emerge and Rose reveals that she's getting her revenge today. The four girls dogpile Lux and start spanking her, tickling her, covering her with their pussies, humiliating her, and even fucking her with a strap on! Lux is helpless to stop the four girls from dominating her until she's a sore, whimpering mess. Lux resists at first and won't apologize for tormenting Rose, but after a while she is worn down by four girls on top of her and admits to being a bratty slave. The strap on feels too good and Lux cums hard before the gang of bullies leaves her. But maybe Lux has something up her sleeve for another day