First Day of Summer

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American / PNW
1,943 5.0
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Flora's production value has definitely improved with time. The intro of the video shows off the cute and innocent side of Flora. Watching her play in the park before, well, playing in the park, really sets the tone. Watching Flora rub her hairy pussy out in public is an enormous. There's plenty of high quality zoomed in shots of her pussy getting fingered and rubbed. The overall quality of this video is fantastic, I cannot stress that enough. Seeing Flora pleasure herself in such high quality makes me wish I could be there watching it unfold live.

Ergoetc Jun 23
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This is a fantasy come true for anyone who ever saw a beautiful young woman at the park on a bright day and immediately thought of seeing her cum. Thanks lovely Flora.

Teasing you outside where it's too risky for you to do anything about it.. I masturbate and rub my clit until I cum with you watching everything. // public outdoor, petite, hairy bush, small tits, masturbation