Freebie Tuesday

Yoga Pants & Cum Into Your Coffee JOI

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382 5.0
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coduistis - Top reviewer Jun 27 2017
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Awesome video, and educational on an all natural creamer.

I see you checking me out yet again whenever I wear Yoga pants and gym clothes you can't keep your eyes off me. This time I'm going to teach you a lesson. What's that? YOu think women are COMPLIMENTED when guys like you check them out? Let me tell you about guys like you. Guys like you THINK You're in control.. You like to act like it, but deep down.. you know you're just a fucking loser. You are made to be controlled by women. And yes, its fucking disgusting to me when you check me out, you wanna know why? because I know what you're fantasizing about. I know what's running through your sick little mind. YOu're thinking about taking my clothes off.. putting your nasty mits all over my body.. and the reality? THE REALITY if you and I were to have any kind of sexual encounter.. it would go very very differently. How? you really want the truth? How about I show you? How about you take off your pants right now and jerk it for me. Dont argue - just do it. See..this is how i know your true nature. I know you want to obey a woman, you crave a woman to control you.. Because you did it, you didnt even hesitate you took off your pants. Now jerk it for me. Just as I say. Obey me. I'm going to prove to you, that this is what you are. Im going to make you do something that will make you never be able to forget WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. YOu're going to cum.. get yourself to the edge. you're going to cum on my command. you will cum into this coffee cup..with the last of my coffee still in it. Cum into it. Go on. And now? Oh now you're not done. Now.. with your limp dick, you're going to open your mouth and swallow it. Prove to yourself.. that you are really just a loser submissive man who craves to obey Me. go on. Eat up. Eat all that cum. Swallow it all.. for ME